Traffic Management Plan

Working in the road corridor, either on the berm or out on the road itself?

T8 Traffic Control has qualified TMP designers capable of handling all your temporary traffic management plan requirements across all levels of roads nationwide.

We also work closely with Auckland Transport, The Northland Transport Alliance and NZTA to make sure your TMP is approved promptly and the CAR (Corridor Access Request) is approved.

Require A Traffic Management Plan?

You’ve got temporary works happening on a pavement, road, street or motorway? We’ll help you by capably designing and operating your traffic management plan.

We can help from small jobs like trimming a tree on the berm or a new driveway crossing, up to large jobs like closing the Auckland Motorway and diverting traffic along a detour.

Get Your Traffic Management Plan Approved!

We collaboratively consult with you when we design your traffic management plan. We relentlessly focus on designing the right traffic management plan to keeping traffic moving with minimum disruption to the public and maximum safety to your road workers.

Our designers are happy to meet on site to discuss your requirements to make sure we get it right and you get exactly what you need.

Traffic Management Plan: Our Process

For all your temporary traffic management plans, Auckland and NZ wide

1. Initial Request: Form completed and/or site meeting

2. TMP Designer puts together the plan.

3. Submission to Council/NZTA with CAR.

4. CAR & TMP approved, documentation provided.

5. Implement the TMP out on the road.

Initial Request

Fill out our TMP application form and our planner will discuss with you what you need to acheive and the safest way to manage the traffic. 

Qualified TMP designer promptly draws up a plan (to minimise impact and maximise safety)

Our approved planner will draw up the designs required to show where the works are and how the traffic is going to be managed.

Submission to Council/NZTA for approval

Our planner then submits your plan through to council or NZTA for the Roading Corridor Manager to review.

Auckland Transport and NZTA require 15 Working Days for Approval.

Northland Transport Alliance require 5 Working Days for Approval. 

Client approval notification

Once your plan has been approved and signed off by council/NZTA, you will receive an electronic copy of the documentation.

Implement traffic management plan

Our Operations team works together with you for a suitable date to complete the works, and our qualified team implements the approved plan out on the road .




From a Shoulder Closure in the Suburbs, to a full Motorway shutdown, our team has the experience to get it set up safer, faster, better.



Have an event coming up where your attendees are interacting with the road? Talk to our team to see how it can be managed safely


From the entry level TTM Worker course through to STMS Practical assessments, our training team can get your staff up to speed.



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